Terms & Conditions myMotivation

1.1 Consulting services
The consultation is provided exclusively by the myMotivation team. All members of myMotivation are tested, licensed and certified nutritionists in the preventive field. The counselling merely provides a recommendation to the person seeking advice and does not constitute medical instructions and does not replace medical treatment and/or therapies. We advise and support people who want to regulate their eating behavior in the long term.

1.2 Regulation:
From 1 November 2021, the contractual relationship between the Internet portal myMotivation and the customers will be regulated.

1.3 Prices:
All prices on the homepage of myMotivation include VAT (7.7%). These prices are an integral part of the contractual relationship. The total amount of the selected subscription or consultation is due immediately upon conclusion of the contractual relationship. Any price adjustments by myMotivation are possible at any time, even without notice. Individual consultation per session CHF 108.00 / Euro 114.00

1.4 Confidentiality:
The myMotivation team is subject to absolute confidentiality. The duty of confidentiality also exists beyond the termination of nutritional counseling. Attacks attempted by hackers or cyber-crimes that lead to data loss are not liable to myMotivation.

1.5 Guarantee of success Nutritional advice:
The subject of the contract is the provision of nutritional advice or instructions as well as encouragement, not the guarantee of a certain physical success. The commissioned services shall be deemed to have been rendered when the necessary analyses and consultations have been carried out. You undertake, in your own interest, to provide all personal information, the recording of nutritional protocols and health status truthfully and completely. The success of the nutritional counseling is beyond the control of the myMotivation team and depends essentially on the cooperation and perseverance of the patient/customer. Thus, success cannot be guaranteed.

1.6 Payment Terms:
The consultations and the selected subscription packages are to be paid in advance. After confirming your selection by e-mail, you will be taken directly to the SSL-secured area of our payment provider.

1.7 Initial consultation
The first consultation is free of charge.

1.8 Follow-up consultations and follow-up services:
are processed via our payment provider and must be paid in advance. Individual consultation per session CHF 108/ Euro 114.00 The term of the subscriptions is automatically extended by a further three months after expiration. The total amount of the selected subscription is due at the beginning of the term. In the event of cancellation or withdrawal of a partial subscription during the term, the customer will not be reimbursed for the amount paid in advance. All booked consultation appointments must be confirmed by e-mail and paid in advance. In the event of a missed or no-show on an appointment, the customer is not entitled to a refund of the amount. If a customer only wants to make partial use of the agreed service transferred by him in advance or not at all and breaks off the nutritional consultation, the amount already transferred will not be refunded.

1.9 Cancellation of an appointment:
The customer reserves a binding appointment with an agreed meeting time. If you are unable to meet the deadline or must postpone it, the customer is obliged to cancel 2 full working days in advance by e-mail. Replacement dates must be requested and confirmed by e-mail.

1.10 Warranty:
We do not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information on the homepage myMotivation recipes are provided by spoonacular.com and in real time (simultaneous) Translated with deepl.com. No information in written form or no multimedia material such as pictures or videos may be copied. Any violations will be prosecuted and all costs and consequential costs will be borne by the customer/patient/perpetrator or user.

1.11 Liability:
We are not liable for any damage incurred. If the fitness exercises are not adhered to according to specifications or if excessive exercise (overzealousness) causes damage, consequential damage or injuries to the body or health, the entire myMotivation team is not liable. Members of the myMotivation team equally reject claims for personal damages. We reject claims for damages and will not pay any damages.

1.12 Minimum age / bulimia / anorexia / lactation
You confirm that you are at least 18 years old and do not suffer from anorexia or bulimia. For women, that you are not pregnant and the breastfeeding phase is complete.

1.13 Protection of property:
You undertake that the information materials, reports and analyses created by me as part of the nutritional counselling will only be used for your own purposes. You receive the exclusive and non-transferable right of use

1.14 Conclusion Intention
Changes and additions to this contract must be made in writing in order to be effective. Any adjustments by myMotivation are possible at any time, even without notice. If a customer, patient or user does not agree with these terms and conditions as well as the data protection regulation, he must refrain from accessing and using myMotivation.